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Below are just some of the repair services we offer our customers.
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Data Recovery for phones.
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PC based notebook, netbook & Desktop hardware repairs.
Data Recovery for notebook, netbook & desktop (sadly, not guaranteed to be 100% successful).
Virus, spyware and removal of other malicious and covert processes for notebook, netbook & desktops alike.
Hardware upgrades (typically Hard Disk Drive & RAM memory capacities) for notebooks, netbooks & desktops.
Happy Phones Repair also offer:
Data transfer service.
Repairs to water and / or liquid damage phones.
Board Level Repairs for an extensive range of phones.
Phone Servicing and Refurbishment Service.
Repair of microphone related issues.
Replacement phone batteries.
Keypad and other hardware upgrades or replacements for all types of phone.
LCD Screen & digitiser replacements for an extensive range of phones.
Charger & signal port repair
Home, volume button repir.
If you need help or advice regarding a repair, would like to book a repair then please feel free to drop by and see us; contact us by phone, email or use the on-line submission form found on our Contact page
For a Happy Phones Repair Price Guide, please click:
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